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Security Consulting Services

Your organization needs a well thought-out security strategy to protect its assets.

We avail the client of initial free consultation, where our competent team assess your organization's exposures and ascertain if our services can best fill your strategy gap, if yes, we work with you to design a strategy that will accomplish your security objectives, and if not we avail you of our industry-wide connections to find the right fit for your organization's strategy.

Our team consists of competent personnel with extensive expertise in enterprise security risk and business management, they perform a thorough threat analysis of your organization and make recommendations that secure your physical and digital assets.

Our services are an invaluable resource to your firm, we can offer specialized expertise in areas such as: Risk Architecture, Attack Detection, and Remediation. Our solutions are sustained over time and prepare your organization get results as quickly as possible.
Some consultants use a generic approach that don't take the dynamism of your organization's risk into acount. At Startegic Overseas Limited, we ensure we follow through with your organizational service chain to ensure solutions are bespoke to your organization.

Our consultants are also specialized in broad range of industries to ensure there isn't a chance we don't have someone without experience in your field of operation.
Our fees vary widely depending on your company's security needs.

Why use

Your organization may not be armed with the expertise and resources to prevent / detect and respond to security threats. Your business may even be at risk of anunoticed underlying threat to physical or digital assets, that is why you need a security consultancy service to ensure your business activities are un-interrupted.Global security has become necessary because of globalization and the sophistication of crime. If you aren't building an indepth defense strategy, chances are you're already victim or yet to be.