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Strategic Overseas Limted offers Personal Protection service involving highly
skilled officers, where we take on the responsibility of ensuring the
safety of the client.

We have the resources and staff to provide close protection for high-profile clients, celebrities, CEOs, corporate executives, dignitaries, diplomats, VIPs, philanthropists, politicians, and other similar personalities.

We apply a threat preventive approach to ensure the client safely and securely perform their work while moving freely and staying in close contact with the environment. Our teams undergo intensive training to enhance their capability to handle threatening situations based on each client's risk profile.

We also work with local law enforcement outfits, allowing them to be in charge of maintaining the security operations of the security perimeter.


Our service involves organizing secured land and air transportation detail, performing discreet surveillance with the use of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, physical protection services, conducting risk analysis, neutralizing any perceived threat (as well as emergency medical response).

We place significant focus on compliance, background vetting, and managing client reoutation and optics.

We have proper licenses and security permits required within Nigeria to carry out an extensive Executive/Dignitary Protection, as well as adequate weapons to neutralize threat.

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