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Humanitarian &
Public Diplomacy:

Our Humanitarian diplomacy is approached with a clear understanding of the society in which we are advocating within, to ensure we do not cross public opinion lines.

Public diplomacy is marketing on an international level. Our public diplomacy efforts focus on the misconceptions of our client State, modifying the rhetoric to suite the desired image.

We raise awareness, negotiate and mobilize humanitarian assistance in emergencies. We follow a diplomatic approach to leverage inter-personal and inter-and -intra-institutional arrangements to facilitate reaching those most in need, and ensure we cultivate a healthy and trusting relationship ahead of a crises to lay foundation for more formal commitments by government to access affected populations by a natural hazard or political/ religious disagreement.

We seek to minimize tension within State policies and operate only within the lines where State policies affect the society-in-focus, avoiding every possibility of imposing on state policies.


We assist the State in public diplomacy to ensure their activities aren't misconstrued by foreign public, however, our services to this end are shaped by our humanitarian diplomatic commitments to the society-in-focus.
Public diplomacy for us also means we project a coherent and influential voice to the international public; one that best explains the situation of the society-in-focus.
We have extensive expertise in public advocacy and diplomacy on national and international diplomacy fronts.