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Asset Recovery/
Asset Protection:

We use a meticulous approach to facilitate more systematic and timely return of stolen public assets. Our objective is to pursue asset recovery cases, through sharing intelligence, knowledge, and information to eradicate safe havens for stolen public assets. We serve governments, financial institutions, regulatory authorities, donor agencies, and civil society organizations from the local and international base, fostering accountability and collective responsibility for the deterrence, detection, and recovery of stolen public assets.

According to a 2010 estimate, each year Companies in developing countries lose USD20 billion to USD40 billion due to corruption. Much of the proceeds of corruption finds a "safe haven" in the world's financial centers. Our service focuses on reclaiming and returning these stolen proceeds to the organization/country from which they were taken. The process includes tracing, freezing, confiscating and repatriating the stolen assets and is usually complex and lengthy, especially when it involves multiple jurisdictions. Funds invested in asset recovery procedures are worth every Kobo as the proceeds always outrageously outweigh the associated cost.